Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons

The Spiritual Barrier has been broken! It's up to you, and your guardian angel Yui, to fix it! Travel the world and fight off demons from The Seven Deadly Sins in a quest to find The Seven Runes of Virtue! Can you fix The Barrier and restore order to The Living Realm?

Developer: Journoid

Release Date: To Be Announced


Angels & Demons is a multi-genre mashup!

The barrier separating The Living Realm from The Spiritual Realm has been broken!
It’s up to you, your guardian angel Yui, and some of your friends to fix it!

In the overworld, you can make use of all kinds of different abilities. Some shared, and some unique to specific characters.
Travel the world on your quest to save the world from demons of The Seven Deadly Sins!

Fight off enemies in turn base battles! Each character has their own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and special attacks!

But when the enemy has a chance to attack, you’ll have to dodge using one of multiple different “Attack Styles!”
With 14 different attack styles in Demo 4, there’s TONS of variety in enemy attacks!

Oh yeah, this is a rhythm game too!

Tons of overworld elements sync to the music, certain attacks are music synced too!
There’s also a full-on mania-style rhythm game featuring 20 different tracks, each with four different difficulties!
Difficulties friendly to beginners and experts alike!

Play with your friends! 5 player local co-op! 5 player online versus!
(and 4 player offline versus, because the screen would be too cramped otherwise!)


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