Erenshor is a single player nod to the MMORPGs of the past. Partner up with our signature "Simulated Players" to experience all of the joys of open-world MMORPG gameplay on your own schedule and without the time commitments. There are thousands of items, quests, raids, and secrets to discover!

Developer: Burgee Media

Release Date: 2024


Erenshor is a fully functioning MMORPG, except the other players aren’t humans, and the ‘O’ stands for ‘Offline’. You’re just one player in an active player base, trying to make your way in the world. Enjoy an active economy, competitive players, and an entire world of content to explore.

It’s time to begin, adventurer. You’ll join with nothing, but you’ll gain power and wealth with time. Success will not come without failure, and as sure as the sun rises, failure will come.

Partner with our signature Persistent Simulated Players to experience all of the content the game has to offer. These players will level up alongside you (whether you’re online or not), they’ll find new items on their own or they’ll find them alongside you. They’ll buy and sell loot, join and leave guilds, and even invite you to raids as they get to know you. They’ll remember you and how you treat them. Grow together as a ‘server’ in order to defeat Erenshor’s toughest opponents… and then leave the realm to challenge the Gods themselves!

Four Classes, Hundreds of NPCs, and Countless Treasures to find

You’ll hunt monsters, complete quests, and find lost artifacts worth more gold than you could ever wish for. Each upgraded item will bring tangible increases in power, and soon the unwavering foes before you will be pushed aside, revealing a challenge even greater.

Erenshor is a single player love letter to old MMORPGs. Taking inspiration from the classics of the late 90s and early 00s, combat is deliberate and deadly. You’ll need to consider positioning, strategy, and most importantly: what to do if it all goes wrong.

Your reward will be access to a monster’s treasures once it’s defeated. Some will drop swords, or armor, or jewels… and if you’re lucky, it might have one of it’s rare drops in its inventory – all for the taking.

If not – it’ll respawn in time, and you’ll slay it again for another chance.

Development Roadmap


  • NPCs all respawn. You can attack any of them, and they all drop loot. Even the good guys.
  • Factions exist. Wiping out a town may mean you’re no longer welcome there… but it may open up doors elsewhere.
  • Thousands of unique items, from common drops, to legendary treasure.
  • Simulated Players: You may get an invitation to join a group of simulated players in slaying a dragon or even a God. The treasures are yours for the taking.
  • Cities, Dungeons, Tombs, Forests, Beaches, Forts, Meadows, Caves, and Mountain Ranges – a huge world to explore with secrets in every corner.
  • Lore and Story done your way. Investigate the mysteries of Erenshor, or don’t. Kill mindlessly for power, or with direction and purpose.
  • A World Divided: The game world is divided into separate ‘zones’. Areas are unique to themselves, and can be traversed at will – whether you’re ready for it or not.
  • Multiple Character Slots and a shared Bank. Subsequent characters have the option of starting with a massive advantage, including XP bonuses.
  • No micro transactions. Ever.


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  1. IndieGameMode

    This game is going to be so amazing!

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