Nagayami Nights

Nagayami Nights

The sun is gone, and our eternally dark world is haunted by ghosts who once feared the light. Embark on an open world adventure, recruit survivors and fend off ghosts in turn-based battles.

Developer: Daniel Claridge

Release Date: 2024

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One day the sun disappeared, and now ghosts run rampant while humanity dwindles. Several years on, two siblings are pulled into a story much grander than their simple life in the darkness when a mysterious woman calls on them for help.

The enemy has eyes everywhere, so she brings the kids into a world of connected dreams and entrusts them with a mission; Travel through the dreams, and find the man who can change the world.

Play as siblings Ayumu and Rina as they explore strange places, taking down ghosts with the help of their new ghost acquaintance Mac, who can turn any conflict into a gameshow.

Put on a show with a team of characters you’ll recruit along your journey, each with their own set of skills and interweaving storylines. Enjoy simple and fun combat, with no cluttered inventory management and limited healing options that make every battle matter! Keep track of the flow of battle easily with small damage numbers and strategise by learning enemy attack patterns and combining status effects.



  • A hand-crafted open world
  • 8 playable party members
  • Over 100 unique enemies
  • No random encounters
  • Customise your basecamp
  • Original Soundtrack by Floopy


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