When Fumi Games announced MOUSE, many of us in the gaming world sat up a little straighter in our gaming chairs. Was this an audacious tribute to the retro animation style of the 30s, or a coy nod to everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse? Before diving into the nitty-gritty of the game, I couldn’t help but wonder… How long will it be before Disney’s lawyers come knocking?

The Aesthetics and Gameplay

Stepping into MOUSE feels like you’ve been transported back to a smoky 1930s cartoon theater, popcorn in hand. The game is bursting with vibrancy, thanks to its rubber hose animation style – a clear homage to the golden age of animation. Couple that with a noir touch and an exhilarating FPS format, and you’ve got a combo that’s hard to resist.

One can’t help but appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to weapon choices. Whether you’re unleashing a hail of bullets with a Tommy Gun or causing a big bang with Dynamite, it’s clear that Fumi Games did their homework. This is a world where you feel each bullet, each explosion. The Fantastic-o-Matic power-up system is an interesting touch too. The scattered vending machines, more reminiscent of a 1950s diner than a weapons depot, give players the chance to soup up their arsenal in varied ways.

Dive into the Story

The plot unfolds with our protagonist, John Mouston, who’s got that ‘classic detective on a mission’ vibe about him. Every corner turned, every enemy encountered, unveils a new layer of treachery. The city is alive, pulsating with secrets, danger, and a mystery that’ll keep players on their toes. You’re not just fighting foes – you’re untangling a story. It’s an immersive experience that keeps you coming back for more.

However, for all its merits, it’s hard to shake off that mouse-shaped elephant in the room. The name, the protagonist’s design, and the animation style scream Mickey – or at least a version of him had he taken a darker path. It’s undeniable that Disney’s icon has left an indelible mark on pop culture, but I can’t help but wonder if this art is making a statement about the current state of Disney. If nothing else, this is an homage to the traditional style and Fumi Games just really wanted to make an FPS out of it, which I’m all on board for.

An Intellectual Property Minefield?

All said and done, MOUSE is an ambitious project. Fumi Games has rolled the dice, blending genres and styles to create a game that feels fresh yet familiar. But with that familiarity comes the looming question of intellectual property rights. Will Disney see this as a playful tribute or as a potential threat to their iconic mascot? Everyone knows Disney is as bad as Nintendo when it comes to copyright strikes and crossing the line with indie games, so I’ll be watching this one closely!

Gamers Weigh In

Before wrapping up, let’s see what some gamers have to say about MOUSE. Many who I’ve seen have voiced their concerns about the game’s technical aspects, noting that the game might’ve been “too early to announce” due to perceived “hitbox issues” and the absence of environments in the trailer. Some have expressed love for the art style, but there’s trepidation about how the game mechanics, such as “the squash and stretch style of the animation,” will mesh with gameplay elements like destructible environments.

The game’s gun mechanics, particularly the screen shake, also caught attention, with some gamers finding it unsettling as it made them queasy. Yet, even with the critiques, anticipation bubbles up. Gamers are intrigued by the game’s distinctive art style and the “gruesomeness in that trailer.”

But a common thread among the reactions? Caution over the game’s uncanny resemblance to the iconic Mickey Mouse, with one gamer wryly noting, “They’d best be careful or Disney may come down on them hard.” Whatever the outcome, MOUSE has certainly made its mark and started a conversation – and isn’t that what great art is all about?

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