Ubisoft to pad its subscription service with indie games

When you think of Ubisoft, you probably immediately have visions of Assassins, parkour on rooftops, hidden blades and stealth kills come to mind, right? What if I told you that the AAA publisher would now be catering to indie game developers? Well, strap yourself in, because during its Ubisoft Forward event this week, the company announced that it would be padding its subscription service – Ubisoft+ – with indie titles!

Fell Seal and other indie titles will join the Ubisoft+ lineup

“It’s a new chapter in the Ubisoft+ adventure,” said Alexia Brumé, Director of Branding and Content at Ubisoft. “We have always strived to offer the best games for all playstyles, and we’re reflecting that commitment in the selection of our partners.


As a part of “a new chapter” where Ubisoft focuses on its “indie ecosystem”, games like Lake, Astrologaster, and Evan’s Remains will be joining the lineup for your monthly payment. You’ll get them at no extra cost when you subscribe to the service. The popular Final Fantasy Tactics-style RPG, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark will also be available.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that Ubi is catering to indies right now because it’s the cool, new thing to do, but there are countless indie games that have released and flooded the market over the past few years. Any support up and coming developers can get from larger companies essentially makes them a marketing firm, and I’m down for that.

The indie initiative will soft launch this Summer, and will include the titles found below. Once each game has remained in the catalog for six months, it will be removed and replaced by other indies on a rolling basis. Let’s discuss in the comments whether you’d play any of these or if you’ve already beaten them. Do indie games as a part of Ubisoft’s service make paying them more appealing to you?

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